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The Future of Joe Webb

Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Every Vikings fan, and Packers fan for that matter, remember the disastrous performance of Vikings backup QB Joe Webb in the Vikings 24-10 first-round playoff loss to Green Bay. The game started off surprisingly well, with Webb scrambling for first downs and Peterson riving the rest of the offense,  but as soon as the Packers adjusted to the "new" Vikings offense, the game was as good as over. 

So it comes into question this offseason: Will Joe Webb win the backup QB spot for the Vikings this year? 

Leslie Frazier has voiced his support for the young backup, but he's concerned about the strength of the position if Christian Ponder needs to sit out with an injury at any time next season.  

"I still have confidence in Joe," Frazier said. "I feel like he had a tough situation to go into and I'd like to see him compete with whatever we end up doing there, be it a veteran guy or if we draft a guy. But we definitely need to solidify that position and feel good about whoever would have to step up if something were to happen to Christian [Ponder]."    

It should be remembered that Webb was put in a tough position right off the bat. He hadn't played a game all season until the Vikings needed him in a playoff game against the Packers. But for the Vikings to continue their pace to become a playoff team yet again, they need to build the strength of the backup QB spot. When Webb was announced to start, most Vikings fans knew that the season had ended. That can't happen again.  

Frazier has been quoted saying that if the opportunity presents itself to replace Webb with a more talented QB, he will do so.  

"If we got to the point where we felt that there was somebody that beat Joe out," Frazier said, "you've go to do whatever you've got to do to make your team better. If we felt like that was the best thing for Joe and the best thing for the team, then you consider it. That would be saying that you found someone that is better than Joe." 

But who could that more talented QB be? Some have mentioned the veteran Tyler Thigpen, others have suggested taking one of the available QBs from the draft. All I know is that if Christian Ponder can continue to improve and stay healthy, then the whole conversation about the backup spot may just become irrelevant.